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    We asked our rowers and parents to share their past experiences at summer rowing camps.  Rowers may want to take advantage of the various rowing camps available to them and this information would be helpful.   So, we would like to hear from you!  Email HHSRC at with your camp experience as follows.  THANK YOU!  

    1.  What camp did you attend and when?  
    2.  What did you like best about the camp?  
    3.  What did you like least about the camp?  
    4.  Would you recommend it to others?  
    5.  Did you feel the price was reasonable?  
    6.  Any other comments to share?  

    • Badger Camp at the University of Wisconsin, Madison    (June 2011)
    I liked that the camp was taught directly from the coaches of the U of W team and that the councilors were rowers from the team as well. They all were supportive and had challenging exercises and workouts for the duration of the stay. It was a 4 day camp with 3 a-days… the very first session was a 4 mile run. The camp was very challenging, but the connection with others from around the nation was a great experience.
    Negative:  There wasn't a lot to complain about, the camp ran smoothly and the rowing errors were corrected with great enthusiasm, not negative at all. The only thing that was a downside to the camp was the weather conditions the last few days; the Campus is on a HUGE lake (think Clermont) and had white caps some days. We had to do other things instead of getting some water time in. But being in the  7 million newly renovated Porter boat house with two 8 eight boat tanks passes the time away. And we always had the ergs…..
    Recommend:  definitely. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work hard and get better; it is an intense 4 days. It also showed me what collegiate rowing would be like if I pursued it in the future.
    Price: The price ($670) was very reasonable for the coaching, housing (dorms), food, and the experiences gained rowing with collegiate athletes. Lastly, you will get to walk around the campus and see the town college a little. It was a very nice experience and will definitely be something to think about when I apply for colleges in my senior year.

    I liked the range of coaches that attended. There were coaches from different, mostly Ivy League colleges. Also, how organized the practices were and the large amount of information I gained after only 4 days of rowing. The experience was great. I got to feel what it was like living on UPenn's campus and meeting other dedicated rowers from around the country. The practices are twice a day and very intense so expect soreness and rowing through the pain because come Friday you'll forget about it.
    Negative:  no complaints
    Recommend:  definitely
    Price:  I stayed in the dorms, but I think it would be cheaper to stay at a hotel and commute to the UPenn boathouse every morning and then leave in the evenings after practice. 

    The camp was great and the campus in Annapolis is really nice.  It was intimidating at first but that quickly passed and I had a lot of fun.  The coaches were great - I learned so much in 4 days!
    Negative:  I didn't like getting up at 4:30 every morning.
    Recommend:  definitely
    Price:  reasonable, a lot of meals and snacks are provided

    Comprehensive, quality instructors, stayed in Naval Academy dorms and used their facilities.  
    Negative:  nothing 
    Recommend:  Yes, would recommend to others
    Price:  reasonable compared to other camps

    The seminars held each day over different topics were really insightful and helpful.  Also, Annapolis is soo pretty and being at the Naval Academy was really cool. 
    Negative:  It was really hot and the dorms had communal bathrooms.
    Recommend:  Absolutely! It was a great experience but it was constant work work work, other camps would be better if you're looking for a more relaxed schedule.  
    Price:  reasonable compared to other camps

    Rowers attending this camp found it fun and beneficial.  Sign up early as the camp fills quickly, but you can be put on a waiting list.